The European Institute of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE)
Statement of intent
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Board members

The Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 20th September 2008 at Trinity College, Carmathen Wales elected the new Board.
The new board consits of:
Kirsti Pedersen Gunhold-Norway-Chair
Peter Becker-Germany- Vice Chair
Jochem Schirp-Germany- Treasurer
Robbie Nicol-UK
Alain Kerjean-France
Jari Kujala-Finland
Dr.Chris Loynes-UK
Ralf Westphal-Norway

Co-opted members
Magda Jedrzeczyk-Poland
Barbara Humberstone-UK-former Chair
Dorin Festeu-UK
Andy Williams-UK

Professor Dr. Kirsti Pedersen is an associate professor in sports and physical education at Finnmark College, Northern Norway, and holds a doctoral degree in outdoor adventure, recreation and education. Her research interests are gender and cultural relations in outdoor adventure and education, physical education and dance. Publication list

Dr Peter Becker Universität Marburg;Professor of anthropology and sociology of sports. Interests: concepts of „Bildung" and education through adventure and experiential learning, social work using body and movement, bodily cultures in modern times Treasurer Jochem Schirp:, social scientist, manager of bsj Marburg. Main working fields: youth welfare services and social work; socio-educational provision for young people with means of adventure education, body and movement; transnational projects. Publication list


Dr. Chris Loynes: University of Cumbria & Threshold, UK Chris Loynes is a senior lecturer at the University of Cumbria. He is interested in two main aspects of the field, outdoor development training and education for sustainability. He has written critical discussions concerning the social context and development of outdoor education as well as the exploring the possible value of underlying mythic ideas within the practic.Publication list

Alain Kerjean, graduate of higher studies in international law (Sorbonne - Paris ), Public Administration Diploma (Lyon ), Attaché in the National Civil Aviation Authority ( Paris, Bruxelles), member of the Société de Géographie (organizator of expeditions in Amazonia and Africa (1980-1990), writer (author of 10 books), founder in France of Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning : Hors Limites - Outward Bound (1986-1994), Association Apprendre par l'expérience, for youth and education (since 1994), Experientiel Counsulting, for Outdoor Management Development (since 1999 ), design and coordination of the european conference Learning by doing (Paris Grande Arche 1996), of training programs for government (social insertion), French Red Cross, INSEAD, companies (Exxon Chemical, General Electric, Axa, Ericsson, Alcatel, Thales, France Telecom, Pillsbury, Mars, etc), for IFAC since 2007 (Education Populaire), and since 2009 for the development of the entrepreneurship culture through Outdoor Education in Romania (European Social Found).
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Dr Robbie Nicol: University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Jari Kujala: Helsingin Koillinen Sosiaalikeskus, Finland

Co-opted board members
Dr. Barbara Humberstone, professor of sociology of sport and outdoor education. Buckinghamshire New University Wellesbourne Campus High Wycombe Buckinghamshire. Interests: Critical sociology of sports and ethics, issues and empowerment in research; methodologies in outdoor adventure education. Social and environmental justice/equity and alternative ways of learning in the outdoors. Publication list

Dr.Dorin Festeu Buckinghamshire New University. Works as Course Development Councilor at the University of 'Transilvania', Brasov, Romania. Interests: Personal and social development through physical activities, teacher education and training, psychology of education.
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