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NFE Project Summary

he overall aim of this project is to bring together experts in the field of social development and change, educators, social workers, outdoor facilitators, youth from youth organisations and researchers in order to create a Non-Formal Educational Framework (NFEF) which, constitutes the main element of a European Training Centre of Excellence within the European Institute of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE).


Objective1.Identify best practice in the field of non-formal education through outdoor adventure activities in the area of social integration of under-privileged youth, disabled, immigrants, minorities groups, youth at risk and unemployed.

Objective 2. Create a panel of experts in the aim of selecting the most valuable experience in the field of non-formal education by taking into consideration problems, which have both, a transnational and a specific, national or local character.
Activities: Identification of experts in each country by taking into account their achievements in the field of youth work. Involvement of the experts in the project.

Objective 3. Creation of a 'Non-formal educational framework (NFEF)', which will be structured as a social learning programme.
Activities: Analysis of non-formal educational needs for specific target groups of young people. Evaluation of the ways in which these needs can be fulfilled by using outdoor activities. Selection of examples of good practice throughout Europe. Structuring the educational interventions by employing the theory of social learning and change. Creation of the Non-Formal Education Framework.

Objective 4. Production of manuals and of an e-learning (Content Learning Management System) for the delivery of the NFEF.
Activities: Editing of the manual; Translation of the manual in participant countries' language; Creation of a CLMS on an electronic environment (CD and WWW) which is both authentic and interactive.

Objective 5. Creation of a Training Centre of Excellence, which, in addition to theoretical preparation will provide high quality practical preparation of facilitators, instructors and social workers.
Activities: Evaluation of the training needs adjacent to NFEF; Evaluation of the Brathay centre potential; Piloting the NFEF training session; Organisation of training courses;

Objective 6. Establish the foundation for a benchmarking system for Outdoor Education in Europe and the guidelines for good practice in collaboration with National organisations.
Activities: Identification of educational priorities for various groups of young people. The establishment of performance criteria. The establishment of performance indicators.


Studies of existing publications
-Focus groups
-Publication of findings.

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