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Project partners

The European Institute of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning
Chair: Professor Barbara Humberstone
EOE is a network of European organisations and individuals with the aim to enhance the transnational development of outdoor adventure education and experiential learning, to realise youth exchange projects, to organise international conferences, to develop quality standards, to enhance the co-operation beween youth care organisations, experts and practicioners in the field.

Centre Européen des Formations Actives Founded in 1994 by the pioneers in France of the Experiential Learning and Outdoor Education (1986), with a grant from the European Commission. Programs : Training of trainers and social workers ( Principles of the active education ), Social development of youth at risk, Youth program , Source Centre of the Outdoor Education, articles and publications. Adults training and professional development are proposed in France by "Experientiel"-Outdoor Management Development.

Mouvement International des Journées Arc en Ciel- France
C'est un Mouvement tout à la fois sportif et de jeunesse qui considère l'activité physique et sportive comme partie intégrante de la culture. Sa finalité première est le traitement des Activités Physiques et Sportives (APS) par l'action et la réflexion, en privilégiant leur dimension culturelle et pour qu'elles soient un moyen original de communication entre des jeunes d'origine culturelle et linguistiques différentes ainsi qu'un moyen d'intégration sociale.

NATURE (Outdoor Training & Education) -Belgium
Nature is a youth organisation recognised and supported by the Government of Flanders, Belgium. Throughout an experiential and adventure based approach within a non-formal educational context, the organisation aims to actively contribute to the personal and social development of kids, youngsters and young adults between 10-30 years old. On the other hand the organisation aims to promote and disseminate technical and educational practices in the field of outdoor activities and experiential learning.

Civic Association Ester-Czech Republic
NGO working I the field of full time care of young people with psychological and social handicaps. Developing long term projects with national minorities, mainly Roma young population

Universita Karlova v Praze -Czech Republic
The Faculty of Physical education and sport of Charles University aims to form and educate specialists in physical education, sports, recreation and rehabilitation-physiotherapy. In the national context the Faculty is one of the most important educators of youth workers, outdoor education facilitators and teachers working with disabled young people.

Universitatea Transilvania Brasov- Romania
The University of Transilvania has 20,000 students. The faculty of Physical Education and Sport prepares teachers, youth workers, outdoor facilitators for Transilvania region. The faculty is actively involved in programmes at regional scale involving the integration of minorities and of youth at risk from urban areas.

Institut für Sozialdienste- Austria
The Institute for Social Services is a facility established by the welfare service, in which qualified social workers, psychologists, marriage counsellors, consultants for the handicapped, tutors, doctors, psychotherapists, lawyers and interpreters work together. The Institute for Social Services is politically independent, non-denominational and active in all regions of the state of Vorarlberg in Austria. Our head office is in Bregenz (near the border between Germany and Switzerland). The IFS was founded 40 years ago and is considered a model institution for social work on a regional level. The Institute for Social Services offers help to people with social problems or questions. We also publish a regular magazine with the title "IFS-Info" which can be ordered.

The Association for Outdoor Education for Northern Finland
Description of the organisation: Pohjois Soumen is a large association which brings together educators in the field of Outdoor Adventure Education from Northern Finland. We try to complement the education that pupils receive in schools. We work with young people at risk, disabled young people and our activity has been recognised as being successful by the regional educational authorities. We provide alternative education for more than 400 pupils a year.

Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im Eugeniusa Piaseckiego- Poland
AWF is the oldest school of Physical Education in Poland. The organisation is the main provider of teachers, youth workers, outdoor activities facilitators in the region. Each year about 100 graduates leave our faculty and engage in professions related to education. We take an active part in regional projects regarding integration of young people with disabilities, young people belonging to national minorities and youth at risk from urban areas

Szkola Aktywnego Wypoczynku FRAJDA- Poland
.FRAJDA is one of the best-known provider of outdoor education in Northern Poland. We work with schools, youth organisations, charities, and provide complementary education. Our focus is on developing soft skills such as communication skills, initiative, honesty, courage, co-operation and mutual support. Each year more than 1000 pupils spend at least a week in our camps

Base Camp AS- Norway
Develops and delivers educational programmes based on outdoor activities to schools, youth organisations and charity organisations throughout Norway

Verein zur Förderung bewegungs- und sportorientierter Jugendsozialarbeit e.V.- Germany-
The bsj e.V. Marburg is a non-profit youth organisation that works with the physical aspects and potentials of life styles. Body, movement and physical expression are the focus of bsj`s social work programmes. Founded in 1986 bsj co-operates with the Department of Physical Education of the Philipps-University Marburg. Since 1993 bsj runs the outdoor centre ZERUM in Ueckermuende (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) which is specialised in using outdoor adventure education for the integration of handicapped girls and boys. By order of the Federal Ministery for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, ZERUM realises a national-wide pilot-project with the aim to enhance the further qualification of professionals in the field and to integrate methods of outdoor education in the practical work with handicapped people.

Youth Exchange Agency-Vilnius Lithuania
Is situated in a high-risk region of Vilnius, where mostly unemployed, drug addicted families could find a living. Our parish started to provide social services for disadvantaged children and their families since 1996. Till now we have temporal care house for disadvantaged "street career" teenagers, day activity centre for children and teenagers, family service for disadvantaged parents and "Drop - in" for homeless people with a hygienic centre.We work with the re-socialization and integration programs together with governmental and NON governmental institutions.

Center for Outdoor Environmental Education- Sweden
Description of the organisation:A Center at Linköping University with national and international connection, netwoorking for Outdoor Environmental Education in Teacher Training Education, In-service training and exchange of teachers and students in this area.

Department of Secondary Level Education of West Attica- Greece
Description of the organisation: The Department of Secondary Education supervises 52 schools most of them situated in a very industrialized area. The organisations provides educational support for the young people of the area. We organise the social integration of immigrants many of whom come from the ex USSR countries.

Human Reform Foundation- Romania
Description of the organisation: Adult education - courses, trainings - ( Accredited by Romanian Educational Ministry in 15 professions and skills education )Extra curricular non-formal education - indoor and outdoor trainings. Community development. Cultural education.

Brathay Hall Trust- United Kingdom
Brathay is a charity, established in 1946. Its objectives are the development of young people, research into the process of youth development and training those involved in this work. Brathay delivers residential and non-residential experiential development and training courses at its base in Cumbria. Brathay subsidises its work by delivering development training for the corporate sector.

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College- Faculty of Leisure and Tourism-
The Department of Leisure comprises the subject areas of leisure, sport, music management and entertainment. The creation of distinct courses in new subject areas has enabled the Department to exploit development of niche markets. Examples of this include Outdoor Education & Adventure Recreation, Music Industry Management & Popular Music, and Sports Industry Management & Football Studies. Whilst all the courses within the Department are vocationally orientated, they include a strong element of general management theory and facilitate the development of the range of transferable skills which employers seek in graduate recruits.

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