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Timetable of events

Expected results

Partners' expected contribution



Initial management meeting (UK)


-Establishment of structure on sections: integration of disabled, minorities, underprivileged, youth at risk. Sections' coordinators, Tasks, Work timetable, Panel members.

Attend or send a delegate to the meeting

Deadline:2-5th April 2004



Creation of a web-page which is designed to be used as a tool for communication and discussion and which will mirror the projectís progress.

-Launching of the nfe-network.org

Email to bcuc:

1. The logo of your organisation
2. Brief description of your organization
3 Access the web-page, make comments

Deadline: 1st may 2004



Contact the review panel


Collaboration agreement signed

Propose members for the panel
Select panel members




Evaluation of non-formal educational specific needs through:

1.     Organisation of surveys.

2.     Interviews

3.     Focus groups.

Identification of examples of best practice through:

1.     Documentary studies.

2.     Forum of discussions among professionals

-A 25 page report from each country

Click here to access the REPORTS

Czech Republic-Ester
-Czech Republic Charles University
-France -Apprendre par L'exerience
-Poland-Poznan Univ
-Romania-Transilvania University
-United Kingdom-Brathay

-United Kingdom-BCUC


-Establish the work group in your org.


-Supervise the data collection


-Supervise the writing of the report


-Send the report (25 pages 8,000 words report in English)

Deadline 15 Jul 2004



Review of the reports by the panel


Preparation for publication of reports

Read the panel report and make amendments



Preparation for publication of the reports in peer reviewed journals, newspapers.


Publication of articles

Publish in national and international journals and newspapers the results of your investigations

Deadline: 30 September 2004



Organisation of a seminar in the aim of outlining the NFEF (Brasov Romania) Nov 2004

Brasov Meeting



-Establishment of the content for a non-formal education framework in the field of. Social integration of disabled young people, underprivileged, immigrants and national and racial minorities, young people at risk.


-Attend the seminar in Brasov


-Bring with you to the seminar the work group leader from your organization

Date of seminar: 10-15 Nov 2004



Identification of the most effective methods used in non-formal education through outdoor activities

Production of the first draft of the NFEF: 200 pages manual

Use the results of your study in order to contribute to the production of the first draft of the NFE manual

Deadline:30 Nov 2004



Writing the progress report

NFE Progress Report
(Adobe Acrobat 1.4MB- 56p)

Production of the progress report

Write the annual report (your contribution-3 pages) before it is submitted to the Office

Deadline: 15 Dec 2004




Organisation of training courses at Brathay, UK

Travel First Group 26Feb-4March
Travel Second group 12-18 March
Details of the programme

Report on the training courses Group 1 (26 Feb-4 March)
Group2 (12-18 March)

The NFEF is being implemented and participants will have the opportunity to learn how to implement the NFEF


Send to Brathay two young trainers from your organization

Training courses: March 2005



Evaluation of the NFEF based on the experience gained at Brathay


Production of the second draft of the NFEF


Supervise the writing of the report as a result of experience gained at Brathay
Collect information regarding the

E-learning tool

Deadline 15 April 2005

May 05

June 05

Editing the NFEF for publication

Publication of NFEF in peer reviewed journals and newspapers

Organise the publication of articles on NFE in your own country (newspapers, journals, conferences, seminars)

Deadline: 15 June 2005

July 05

Sept 05

Organisation of the European Seminar 'Non-formal Education through Outdoor Activities'.
Marburg-Germany 23-26 Sept 2005

Travel information

Marburg meeting timetable

Marburg meeting results

Production of the final version of the NFEF

Attend the seminar (bring with you the leader of the work group)

Date of the seminar: September 2005

June 05

Nov 05

Creation of the e-learning tool for dissemination of NFEF

Production of the Content Learning Management System

Organise the collection of information and review other partners' contribution.

Deadline: 15Oct 2005

Oct 05

Editing of the manual NFEF


Publication of the manual in each country

Review of the content of the draft of the NFE Guide and send feed-back to main editors(Deadline Nov 2005)

Jan 06

Writing of the final report
Final Report submitted to EACEA


Production of the final report

Write the final report (your contribution-4 pages) before it is submitted to the Office (Deadline January 2006)

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